About us

Who we are and what we do

Parallel Reality is a health-tech startup company that develops innovative software that can help users and healthcare professionals manage care better.

We work closely with experts in the field of technology and healthcare to create innovative and affordable software that will help manage and promote better health and wellbeing. We started with working together with physiotherapists and GPs from the NHS to develop a case study of how technology can help those with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, specifically with uncomplicated, mechanical lower back pain. We gathered evidence on how a digital pathway would be beneficial to sufferers as well as healthcare professionals. 

Our research led us to understand the current MSK disorders pathway and the NHS aim to reduce footfall and missed appointments. We concluded that this reduction can be accomplished through virtual consultations, evidence-based feedback on the patients' wellbeing and follow-through to healthcare professionals and real-time patient-centred care. 

We thus developed a software that can accurately identify anatomical body points and track their motion and assist patients in performing exercises the right way. All the intense machine learning computing involved in this process is usually done on third-party cloud services. We developed a method to optimize the smartphone to perform these heavy machine learning tasks locally, therefore ensuring privacy laws are met and that there is no misuse of data. 

Parallel Reality is compliant with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit and the Information Governance Toolkit. Our virtual consultations are HIPAA compliant and end-to-end encrypted, which guarantees our users complete privacy. We have also received approvals for ready integration with EMIS and SystemOne, the NHS’ trusted sources for safe and ethical use of data.


Our prospective clients

Expressions of interest received so far:

To develop a tool to deliver patient-centered care supporting NEL's new policies for back pain, to help people with poor posture and for other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. 

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Our technology supports the NHS Digital Road Map and strategic goal of patients managing their condition and monitoring their own care using an integrated mobile app providing their healthcare professional with a dashboard who can remotely monitor their progress.

Our technology is an interactive tool that can be shared across multi-disciplinary teams to better manage patient care, also by working with clinical suppliers. 

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To develop a mobile app to reduce childhood obesity and promote an active and healthy lifestyle via fun exercises, reminders on healthy eating habits.

To develop a mobile app offering chatbot features, food diaries, and recommend healthy eating choices.

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To develop a dashboard to help track and monitor athletes' performance and recovery, delivering real-time statistics to professionals to better manage their care.

To develop a corporate wellbeing mobile app to promote health and wellbeing through reminders for healthy habits and monitoring of stress levels and progress and to reduce workplace stress, and offer a dashboard for management trend analysis.

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To develop a corporate case management tool to support governance and equality workflow and create e-online forms.

Meet the team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Consultant - Marketing & Promotions

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Director - Tech & Engineering

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Medical Consultant

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NHS Business
Management Consultant

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Consultant - Research & Development

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Director - Operations

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Director - Product
& People Operations

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Head of Creative & Administration

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Head of Infrastructure Support

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UI/UX Designer

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Software Development Engineer

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Angular Web Developer