Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Focused on people and communities and guided by our core values, we aim to contribute to an improved and sustainable environment and deliver wider social benefits underpinned by high professional standards.

A responsible approach is integral to Parallel Reality. We are making progress with a wide range of initiatives, with increased awareness of our activities and further engagement with our people to help deliver on our commitments. We also take an active role within our industry, working collaboratively to realise the benefits of software technology for people, society and the economy.

It starts with our people


Taking pride in our people's dedication and expertise, we work hard to support our colleagues in making a difference. This includes our ongoing focus and investment in our employees and our culture and a commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We strongly emphasise on work-life balance.

We look to attract bright, like-minded colleagues from all backgrounds who share our strong purpose and values, and we empower everyone to be their true selves. We work hard to ensure Parallel Reality remains a great place to work, with sustained programmes for engagement, learning, leadership and support.

Equality, diversity & inclusion


We continue to take steps to improve from virtual diversity and inclusion training to enhancing facilities and systems to ensure they are accessible and can be enjoyed by all.

We work towards a good gender balance, giving women an equal opportunity in joining our team in a wide number of roles. We fully support gender pay gap reporting, for which we aim to continue our improvement.

We’ve worked towards reducing the opportunity for unconscious bias, including anonymising CVs, ensuring job ads use gender-neutral language, and ensuring that recruitment channels and interview panels represent our candidates.

Helping our customers improve outcomes for their communities

We aim to help improve public services for the benefit of communities worldwide and create social value through technology. We also look for opportunities to support our customer’s social responsibility as part of working in partnership.

Innovation is embedded in the business and is a key part of our efforts. We continue to accelerate applying new ideas and technologies to enhance public services. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, this included rapidly conceiving and delivering new products and resources to support vulnerable people.

Considering the environment


We focus on continuous improvement, ensuring we work with customers, suppliers and partners to recognise and reduce our impact upon the environment, and we have already achieved a 98% paperless environment.