Corporate wellness
Work-related MSK statistics in the UK

*statistics by labour force survey for 2019/20


suffered from stress, depression or anxiety


suffered from other types of illness

HSE Stat 4.png


suffered from musculoskeletal disorders


1.6 million


Benefits to the staff

  • Customised exercises prescribed by occupational wellbeing professionals

  • Essential reminders for healthy habits such as drinking water regularly, taking a break to give the eyes a rest, brief eye and neck exercises, taking a short walk to stretch the legs, maintaining good posture, and stretching the arms and shoulder

  • Helps relieve stress and be more productive

Benefits to the management

  • A dashboard at the occupational health team's side with data on employee compliance and progress
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Happier, healthier employees
  • Monitor employee progress
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Reduced employee stress-related health conditions
  • Improved overall employee health
  • Reasonable coverage from occupational health liabilitieS
  • Notice trends and address them before they reach a tipping point
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