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Cost Benefit to Your Clinic

(Based on data published by NHS for unit costs of health and social care 2022)

EMA can help assess patients remotely and determine if they can be managed without in-person GP consultations, thus saving costs. 

Cost of a GP with Qualification (Annual): £328,386
Cost of General Medical Services (GMS) per Hour: £159
Cost of Patient Contact per Hour: £265
Cost of Patient Contact per Minute: £4.42
Cost of Surgery Consultation (10 minutes): £42
Prescription Costs per Consultation: £33

Now, let's calculate the cost savings for managing 300 MSK patients remotely:


1. Savings in GP Time:

Per patient GP consultation cost (10 minutes): £42
Savings per patient managed remotely (10 minutes): £42
Total Savings in GP Time for 300 patients = 300 patients x £42/patient = £12,600


2. Savings in Prescription Costs:

Prescription cost per consultation: £33
Total Savings in Prescription Costs for 300 patients = 300 patients x £33/patient = £9,900


3. Total Cost Savings:

Total Savings in GP Time: £12,600

Total Savings in Prescription Costs: £9,900

Total Cost Savings for Managing 300 MSK Patients Remotely = £12,600 (GP Time) + £9,900 (Prescription Costs) = £22,500

Even if we assume EMA operates at 50% efficiency, EMA can potentially bring cost savings of £11,250 to a clinic by managing MSK patients remotely, thus reducing the workload on GPs and optimizing resources. These figures are estimates and may vary based on specific clinic circumstances and patient conditions.

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