Mental health and wellbeing

Globally, it is estimated that 5.0% of adults suffer from depression. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. Depression can lead to suicide.


Benefits to the patient

  • An AI chatbot to have text/voice chats with the patient

  • Use the phone's front camera and wearables to measure the patient's level of stress

  • Patients can reach out to carers in one tap if they are having suicidal thoughts

  • Inbuilt list of 'emergency contacts' so the patient always has someone to talk to
  • Inbuilt interactive and engaging games to keep the patient's  mind occupied and away from negative thoughts

Benefits to healthcare professionals and carers

  • Linked wearables can alert carers if the patient is extremely depressed or is having suicidal thoughts

  • Healthcare professionals and carers are able to monitor patients progress 24/7

  • Help patients in a timely manner, preventing other health conditiosn associated with depression

Our technology can

Use AI to have voice conversations with the patient.

Recognise the patient's facial expression and assesses their present condition.

Alert carers if the patient stress levels are high or they're having suicidal thoughts.

Link to wearable devices that can monitor the wearer's pulse to detect high levels of stress and send out alerts to their carer.

The patient's whereabouts can be monitored.