Our Values

Mission Statement

To harness the power of artificial intelligence to promote health and wellbeing. Humankind is experiencing unprecedented sickness and suffering. Healthcare systems are unable to cope with giving every sufferer the time and care they deserve. If we could alleviate at least a fraction of this suffering by doing our part, we would have accomplished our goal of promoting good health and wellbeing.

Vision Statement

We want to see a society free of preventable musculoskeletal disorders and lifestyle and diet-related physical and mental health complications. Life in the modern world has kept us too busy with little time for rest or meaningful physical activity. A considerable number of health conditions are preventable or could be overcome with a reset in lifestyle. Owing to a lack of time and reminders, we keep slipping back into unhealthy patterns, resulting in irreversible health conditions. We believe in addressing the problem at its source, while it is still reversible.

Values Statement

We work in compliance with our key values:

  • Being dedicated to providing affordable and quality patient care drives us forward.

  • We have a treat all with respect policy.

  • Our motto is empathy. Not only do sufferers need a cure, but also empathy, so that they can seek treatment with their dignity intact.

  • Our products are built on a patient-centered approach.

  • We keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of technology so that we can provide our customers with world-class health tech solutions.

  • Our passion for a society free of pain and suffering is reflected in the work we do.

  • We pride ourselves in what we do, but this pride comes from humility; humility in recognising that great things had small beginnings.

  • We believe that patients should not endure pain and suffering while waiting to receive the care they deserve, therefore, we develop technology to give them timely access to healthcare.