Musculoskeletal Disorders

Over-the-counter pain relief medication can often help with mild back pain. Exercises and stretches not only strenghten the musculoskeletal system and improve pain, but also mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Benefits to the patient

A lower back pain sufferer often consults with a GP, a physiotherapist and/or other healthcare professionals. Patients are usually provided with a healthcare programme in a hard copy which patients might find difficult to understand, and these also offer no remote reporting.
The benefits of EMA are:
  • Saving on travel time and costs through virtual healthcare consultations from the comfort of the patient's home via audio/video conferencing
  • Consultations available when it is needed, therefore eliminating long waiting times to see a healthcare professional while enduring pain
  • Exercises prescribed by the healthcare professional via the app, therefore no hard copies  are involved
  • Exercises can be performed with the help of video/voice instructions
  • Prescribed manoeuvres are tracked and benchmarked against the gold standard set by the healthcare professional for accuracy, and for prevention of overexertion and further injury
  • Economical - no additional devices are required as EMA works on the patient's existing smarphone
  • Remote monitoring and collection of valuable compliance data
  • Predefined programmes and schedule for better care

Benefits to healthcare professionals

  • Increased patient engagement
  • Reduced footfall at clinics
  • Reduced wait times to see a physiotherapist
  • Reduced painkiller dependency
  • Evidence-based feedback of patient concordance, compliance and progress
  • Promote real-time analysis
  • Continuous engagement with healthcare professionals
  • Flexibility to redefine patient programmes
Fitness on Yoga Mat

Explore our flagship product EMA (Empowering Medical App), designed and developed as a support tool to help sufferers of uncomplicated, mechanical lower back pain.

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