Pandemic proof

COVID-19 had a lot of us confined to our homes for over a year. The result has been a steep rise in certain lifestyle ailments such as physical and mental health conditions. It also drove thousands of employees to work from home under a less-than-ideal work environment, contributing to poor posture, hunching over computer screens,  long hours of work forgetting to take a break, you name it. The causes are many, but the result is one - an undeniable need for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. 


Travel restrictions took away the luxury of regular, in-clinic physiotherapy sessions. When that was possible, social distancing was the norm. This has put both physios and patients in a pickle.


Virtual consultations have been on the rise, but so many questions remain unanswered. How will the physio monitor a patient’s progress? How will the patient know if they are performing exercises accurately? Who’s guiding the patient? We understood the predicament and knew we had to find a way to work around that.

The pandemic wreaked enough havoc on people's lives and health, we had to do our part to help the ones that could be helped. We weren't going to let COVID-19 stop us from doing that! So we developed an end-to-end solution for virtual physiotherapy, which was based on the study that much of physiotherapy does not require in-patient visits. Right from onboarding patients to monitoring their progress, our software uses motion sensing AI technology to keep track of the patient’s performance, and guides them to accurate performance. The in-built appointment system makes filling forms and waiting in queues a thing of the past. A smartphone is all you need. It doesn't matter where you live and what lockdown restrictions are in place, your care is taken care of!