Pregnancy care

Exercises during pregnancy improves posture, promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance, and aids better sleep. Regular activity also helps keep fit during pregnancy and may improve ability to cope with labor.

Benefits to the user

Like in almost every situation, the benefits of being physically active during pregnancy can never be overstated. Benefits include:

  • Gentle exercises prescribed to increase levels of energy to be able to handle everyday tasks and keep active, therefore reducing stress and managing pregnancy blues better

  • Monitored and improved sleep through linked wearables

  • A food diary, enabling healthy diet habits

  • Opportunity to interact with other mums-to-be through chat forums

  • A personalised post-pregnancy programme created and assigned by the healthcare professional

  • An AI chatbot to provide timely reminders during pregnancy and to help counter postpartum depression

Benefits to healthcare professionals

  • Assign pregnancy-appropriate exercises through the app

  • Monitor progress and compliance through a comprehensive dashboard

  • Send essential reminders and tips through the in-app chat feature

  • See all of the user's data in one profile account rather than several

  • Provide advice on nutritious foods, exercise and sleeping habits

  • Linked wearables keep track of the mother's emotional status and trigger alerts before they reach a tipping point

  • Provide vital, real-time, evidence-based data to midwives and doctors

  • Use linked wearables to monitor the pulse of the mother and baby and provide valuable feedback to other healthcare professionals

Mother and Baby

Our technology can

Act as a "virtual companion" to provide valuable and timely information.

Give reminders for healthy eating, sufficient rest and perform gentle exercises.

Monitor stress levels and heartbeat through linked wearables.

Help healthcare professionals provide better care to deal with pastpartum depression.