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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries that don’t require hospital care can be rehabilitated through self-care at home with multi-disciplinary teams, virtually. Such timely care coupled with convenience contributes to speedy recovery, and restored physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Benefits to the patient

  • Reduced hospital appointments

  • Video and audio consultations

  • Monitored progress

  • Customised therapy plans

  • Bespoke reports on evidence-based performance

Benefits to healthcare professionals

  • Quality care provided while adhering to social-distancing protocols
  • Reduced footfall at therapy facilities
  • Reduced painkiller prescriptions 
  • Evidence-based feedback of patient concordance, compliance and progress
  • Time available to spend on patients requiring critical care

What our technology can do

The AI can guide the patient to perform the exercises correctly and effectively.

Real-time, evidence-based data is fed back to a healthcare professional.

The AI will detect whether the patient is progressing or if their condition is deteriorating. This data will help healthcare professionals (HCPs) manage their patient care better.