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Stroke rehabiliation

Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability.

Stroke reduces mobility in more than half of stroke survivors aged 65 and over.


Benefits to the patient

  • Follow a customised physical therapy programe for smoother recovery

  • Adhere to predefined benchmarks set by the healthcare professional to avoid injuries resulting from incorrect performance

  •  Virtual consultations eliminating the need for regular/constant travel for physiotherapist appointments

  • Timely consultations and monitoring by healthcare professionals aid speedy recovery

  • Virtual care provided across multiple healthcare professionals

Benefits to healthcare professionals

  • Quality care provided while adhering to social-distancing protocols
  • Reduced footfall at therapy facilities
  • Set predefined benchmarks to ensure correct compliance by patients 
  • Evidence-based feedback of patient concordance, compliance and progress
  • A comprehensive dashboard recording patient data from across multiple healthcare professionals, all in one place
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Our technology can

Set progressive parameters for stroke recovery patients so as to not overexert and cause further injury.

Set reasonable targets to motivate the patient to follow their schedule and manage their own care better.

Provide real-time, evidence-based data to support healthcare professionals better manage their patient care.