Virtual Assistant

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Our close association with the Westminster City Council has given us the insight we need to make Virtual Assistant a reality

It started out with simplifying their policies into infographics that help employees understand and use them better to know their rights and how any grievances should be handled. This would eventually cut down on the volumes of call the help desk receives, apart from the cost and logistics required to run and maintain a help desk service.

Thus was born Virtual Assistant, a fully automated grievance handling platform developed for the Westminster City Council.  Through this platform, employees with grievances can fill out an online form that would be auto-populated with all their information stored in the council's database; they would only need to add details regarding their grievance, and it would all be done in a matter of minutes.

The council too saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on several personal meetings that need to be held before a grievance is even reported. Automated handling that reduces human involvement up until the inquiry stage is advantageous to the Council.

Virtual Assistant is fully customisable to meet any council's need.