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Parallel Reality Ltd.


Expertise & Projects

Our expertise in AI health technology sets us apart as a leading innovator in the healthcare industry. With a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and healthcare practices, our team of experts has consistently demonstrated their capabilities in delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform patient care, streamline operations, and drive positive outcomes.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Public Health


Streamline the MSK care pathway through an AI-assisted mobility assessment and survey, understand and filter down on patients requiring urgent care, and those who could be treated and monitored remotely. The preliminary assessment and remote monitoring are supported by evidential data. 



Our technology can help employers encourage their staff to maintain good MSK health and monitor their adherence through an administrator dashboard, aiding in cutting down on ill-health absenteeism and reduced productivity owing to mechanical MSK conditions.

Insurance Companies


Health claims owing to MSK disorders and the inability to be employed are increasing. Through our technology, Insurance companies can ensure their clients maintain good MSK health, and reward those who comply by offering better annual premiums.

Sports Teams


Coaches of Junior League sports teams face a challenge in ensuring their players perform their daily stretches. Stretches help players stay agile and prevent injuries on the field. With our technology, coaches have evidential data on player compliance and can see them perform at their best.

Private Physiotherapy Clinics


Owing to the increase in MSK disorders, private physio clinics too find it challenging to keep up with appointments. Clinics can see patients for the first time, and use our software to assign exercises that can help patients get better while they wait for the next appointment. Any emergencies can be handled in person or follow ups can be done virtually.



Childhood obesity is a growing global health concern and is caused by consuming too much junk food, lack of physical activity and excessing screen time. Safety concerns limit children to the indoors, further curtailing their activity. Children can use our technology to be physicaly active and school admins and parents and can monitor the progress.

UK Councils


Staff shortages in UK councils have become a significant and pressing issue in recent years, affecting the delivery of essential public services. Once again, ill-health, and especially MSK conditions exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and work-from-home in less than ideal circumstances have contributed to that. Preventive measures can help reduce occupational hazards and absenteeism.

Law Enforcement


Busy work environments and long working hours leave law enforcement personnel unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While physical fitness is a criteria to join the force, there are few measures in place to ensure continuity. Easy workout plans done in the comfort of their homes and at a time convenient to them helps them perform their duties at their best.

Care Homes


Many age-related physical and mental health conditions can be slowed down through physical activity. Age-appropriate, individually customised exercises being assigned and monitored can help the elderly living in care homes postpone the onset of several diseases and maintain mobility to a greater degree.

Use Cases


EMA for the NHS

If you are an NHS GP, Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Physiotherapist or a PCN Manager, please contact us so that we can help your reduce the load and waiting times of your MSK patients

Corporate Wellbeing

If you are the HR or Occupational Health Manager for a corporation, please contact us so that we can help you help your staff stay healthy, and reduce sickness leave and loss of productivity


If you are the coach or manager of a sports team, please contact us so that we can help you monitor your players' adherence and reduce injuries on the field. If you are the parent of a player, please recommend this technology to your child's coach

Insurance companies

If you are connected to the health insurance sector, please reach out to us so that we could customise our software for your needs to help reduce MSK claims

Private patients

If you are an individual suffering from any MSK disorder but find yourself having to wait a long time for a physiotherapist appointment or can't afford private consultations, we can help you with our virtual assessment and consultation

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