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Parallel Reality Ltd.


End-to-End Care Pathways

Utilising cutting-edge motion-recognition technology and backed by evidential data, we craft end-to-end care pathways that revolutionise healthcare delivery. Our approach seamlessly integrates motion-sensing capabilities with comprehensive data insights, enabling a dynamic, patient-centric journey.

Representing a holistic approach to healthcare, encompassing the entire patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and recovery

What We Provide

Our team of highly skilled developers is equipped to deliver any software solution you require, whether it's AI, computer vision, open vision, back-end, front-end, or an entire end-to-end software system. We thrive on turning your vision into a reality, with expertise that spans across the full spectrum of software development. Whatever your project demands, we're here to create the perfect solution for you.

Software Development


Navigating the NHS can be challenging due to its immense size and complex framework. However, we specialise in simplifying this process for you. Our expertise lies in identifying the procurement route that aligns perfectly with your tech solution. We're here to guide you through the intricacies of the NHS, ensuring that your technology finds its ideal pathway to implementation and success within this vast organisation

Procurement Navigation


We craft customised content with the specific aim of efficiently conveying your product or service to NHS decision-makers. Our content is meticulously designed to provide a crystal-clear understanding of your solution, empowering decision-makers to offer informed guidance and support in the most fitting direction for your success

Content Creation


Our role extends to guiding you through the intricate landscape of the NHS' frameworks, ensuring that you can present your solution with maximum effectiveness. We go the extra mile to facilitate your seamless entry into the market, leveraging our expertise to simplify the complexities of NHS regulations and procedures, thereby enhancing your path to success

NHS Navigation


Our comprehensive support encompasses product positioning and cost modeling, strategically designed to guarantee the adoption of your solution by the relevant NHS organisations and its successful implementation in specific targeted regions. With our guidance, you can confidently tailor your offering to align with the unique needs of each region, maximising the impact and reach of your solution within the NHS

Cost Modeling


Join us for an exclusive workshop where health innovators and entrepreneurs come together under one roof for an intensive crash course on successfully selling to the NHS. Gain invaluable insights, expert guidance, and the tools you need to navigate the healthcare landscape and make a meaningful impact. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of your healthcare innovation

Entreprenuers' Workshop


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