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Parallel Reality Ltd.


Reshaping the Future of MSK care

We do right by humans and the planet.


To leverage artificial intelligence's capabilities for enhancing health and well-being while embracing digital solutions, reducing paper usage, and promoting environmental sustainability

The synergy between artificial intelligence and mobile phone technology holds immense potential for positive impact. Extensive research spanning several years has demonstrated the effectiveness of AI-powered motion-tracking technology in diverse applications. Our mission is to harness this innovation to provide patient-centered care solutions that transcend organizational boundaries.

Our Focus Areas

Currently there are 20.3 million people in the UK who suffer from MSK disorders costing the NHS £5 billion annually. Find out how we aim to tackle this issue. 

Public Health Systems (NHS)


An estimated 30.6 million days of sickness absence could be attributed to MSK annually and 40% of all UK sickness absence is due to WRMSDs (work related musculoskeletal disorders)

Corporate Wellbeing


About 40% of players in full-contact sports sustained a sporting injury. About 9% of players between 18 to 24 years said they suffered a permanent disability as a result. Why the high rate of injuries? What's the work around?

Sports Sector


MSK conditions are the most costly cause of insurance claims for employers worldwide, according to research.

Insurance companies


Patients suffering musculoskeletal pain endure long wait times for an appointment with an NHS physiotherapist, owing to a shortage of medical professionals. Private physiotherapy is often unaffordable, compounding patients' discomfort and frustration.

Private patients


We Design, We Build,
We Implement


Physical activity is paramount. For mechanical MSK conditions, exercises like stretching and strengthening are proven for pain relief. Our solution: follow prescribed exercises and ensure your healthcare provider is aware of your compliance.

What We Provide 

Software is the backbone of every successful business. Whether you're a startup looking to build your first app or an established company in need of custom solutions, our software development services are here to meet your needs


With our procurement navigation services tailored for the NHS, innovators and entrepreneurs can ensure a smooth entry into their supply chain and commercialise. We assist you in navigating the intricate landscape of the NHS' frameworks, enabling you to present your solution effectively and facilitating your entry into the market

Procurement Navigation


Our team is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining clinical validation for your concept, including seeking expert guidance from experienced medical professionals. Avoid the risk of developing your idea into a product only to discover later that it doesn't meet the requirements set by the NHS

Clinical Validation


Our skilled team specialises in securing all necessary NHS compliances, including MHRA registration, CE Marking, IASME Cyber Essentials, and NHS Digital Toolkits. Additionally, we can also handle the application process for your US patent pending


We provide support in product positioning and cost modeling to ensure that your solution is adopted by the appropriate NHS organisations and is effectively implemented in targeted regions

Cost Modeling


A one-of-a-kind workshop for health innovators and entrepreneurs for expert guidance and insights to navigate and succeed in selling to the NHS



Latest Projects

EMA for The NHS


EMA Triage


EMA for Junior League Football


EMA for Insurance Companies


EMA for Corporate Wellbeing


EMA for Private Patients


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