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Parallel Reality Ltd.


Compliance Service

We understand the procedures and costs involved in getting your product or service NHS-ready, with compliances and regulations.

We're here to help. Let us know what compliances you require and we guarantee the best prices on the market.

NHS DSP Toolkit

Navigate the intricacies of NHS data security and protection with our specialized NHS DSP Toolkit services. Our tailored solutions ensure that Parallel Reality aligns seamlessly with the NHS standards, fostering a secure environment for sensitive healthcare data.

⁠IASME Cyber Essentials

Protect your health tech innovations from cyber threats with our IASME Cyber Essentials services. Our accredited solutions empower Parallel Reality to maintain a secure cyber landscape, a crucial aspect in today's technologically driven healthcare industry.

⁠CE Marking

Streamline the compliance process with our expert guidance on CE marking. Ensure that your health tech products conform to the highest safety and quality standards set by the European Union, facilitating market access and acceptance.

MHRA Class 1 Medical Device Registration

Accelerate your market readiness by registering your Class 1 medical devices with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Our specialized services guide Parallel Reality through the registration process, ensuring compliance and credibility.

Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)

Fuel innovation by aligning your digital technology with regulatory expectations through our DTAC services. This structured framework evaluates and enhances your healthcare technology, ensuring it meets the evolving demands of the industry.

Patent Pending Status in the US

(Valid for One Year)

Secure your intellectual property with our patent pending services, providing exclusive rights to your innovations in the United States for a one-year period. This strategic protection enhances your competitive edge in the market.

NHS Digital Supplier Registration

Ease the path to becoming an NHS digital supplier with our expert assistance. We navigate the registration process, ensuring Parallel Reality is positioned as a trusted and compliant partner within the NHS digital ecosystem.

Our flexible pricing structure, available upon request, is tailored to accommodate your specific needs. Choosing Parallel Reality means investing in a strategic partnership committed to the success and sustainability of your health tech endeavours.

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